Anna Elida Nilsson.


Born 1900-11-06 in No 8, Lyngby (M).
Died 1994-03-31 in Sankta Birgitta (H).

Anna Elida Nilsson. Born 1900-11-06 in No 8, Lyngby (M). Died 1994-03-31 in Sankta Birgitta (H).

f Nils Persson. Born 1861-01-30 in No 8, Lyngby (M). Died 1927-03-02 in Genarp (M).

ff Per Hansson. Born 1815-03-19 in Lyngby (M). Died 1886-12-29 in No 8, Lyngby (M). Åbo.

fff Hans Jepsson. Born.


ffm Elsa Persdotter. Born.


fm Ingar Persdotter. Born 1827-06-06 in Orup, Esarp (M). Died 1901-12-19 in No 8, Lyngby (M).

fmf Pehr Åkesson. Born 1800-09-01 in Hyby (M). Died 1885-04-22 in No 1 Alberta, Esarp (M). Åbo.


fmm Ingar Matsdotter. Born 1801-09-25 in Esarp (M).


m Hanna Wickman. Born 1863-04-16 in Ebbesjö, Börringe (M). Died 1940-09-01 in Genarp (M).

mf Jonas Wickman. Born 1823-04-29 in Lilla Slågarp (M). Died 1901-08-17 in Börringe (M).


mm Hanna Larsdotter. Born 1831-04-01 in Genarp (M). Died 1904-02-15 in Börringe (M).


Spouse(s) and children

Married 1922-07-08 in Fjelie (M)
Ernst Hilding Larsson. Born 1898-04-03.
Died 1927-08-24 in Fjelie (M).

Karin Viola Larsson. Born 1923-01-12 in Lunds domkyrkoförs (M).
Died 2009-02-01 in Kalmar stadsförsamling (H).

Lars Hilding Bundy. Trädgårdsmästare.
Born 1926-10-01 in Lunds domkyrkoförs (M).
Died 1997-08-13 in Flädie (M).

Married 1931-11-07 in Fjelie (M)
Ivan August Bundy. Trädgårdsmästare.
Born 1895-07-21 in Malmö Sankt Pauli (M).
Baptized 1895-08-18 in Malmö S-t Pauli församling.
Died 1967-12-17 in Fjelie, Lomma kommun.

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