Andreas Rasmusson.


Born 1811-07-28.

Andreas Rasmusson. Born 1811-07-28. Husman.

f Rasmus Arfvidsson. Born 1778. Bonde.


m Sigrid Olsdotter. Born 1781-07-12.



Hfl: Krokstad AI:16 (1841-1845) Bild 39 / sid 67 (AID: v2512.b39.s67, NAD: SE/GLA/13290)

Krokstad AI:16 (1841-1845) Bild 38 / sid 65 (AID: v2512.b38.s65, NAD: SE/GLA/13290)

Spouse(s) and children

Anna Maria Ericsdotter. Born 1812-10-13 in Prästtorp, Krokstad (O).

Anders Andreasson. Torpare.
Born 1841-12-18 in Krokstad (O).
Died 1924-04-07 in Gerrebo Ängarne, Krokstad (O).

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