Simon Rogh.


Died 1734 in Laholm (N).

Simon Rogh. Died 1734 in Laholm (N).




Laholms rådhusrätt och magistrat FIIa:3 (1729-1747) Bild 850 / sid 157 (AID: v156768.b850.s157, NAD: SE/LLA/10153)

Spouse(s) and children

Married 1711-07-09 in Halmstad (N)
Lucia Pehrsdotter Bödker.
Anna Maria Rogh. Born 1712.
Died 1792-05-06 in Laholm (N).

Christian Rogh. Handelsman och skolföreståndare.
Born 1718.
Died 1791-01-10 in Laholm (N).

Hans Rogh. Born 1721.

Petter Rogh. Born 1721.

Simon Rogh. Born 1724-06-13 in Laholm (N).

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