Berta Andersdotter.


Born 1726.
Died 1795-10-20 in Torp, Norum (O).

Berta Andersdotter. Born 1726. Died 1795-10-20 in Torp, Norum (O).


Spouse(s) and children

Lars Thoresson. Born about 1719.
Died about 1795 in Torp, Norum (O).

Karin Larsdotter. Born 1751.
Died 1815-05-16 in Göteborgs Kristine (O).

Inga Larsdotter. Born 1758-07-24 in Torp, Norum (O).

Margaretha Larsdotter. Born 1761-01-28 in Torp, Norum (O).

Thore Larsson. Born 1764-04-28 in Torp, Norum (O).
Died 1820-03-29 in Torp, Norum (O).

Anders Nordqvist f Larsson. Born 1768-01-08 in Torp, Norum (O).
Handlanden i Göteborg.
Died 1830-12-11 in Domkyrkoförs I Gbg (O).

Anna Larsdotter. Born 1770-12-28 in Torp, Norum (O).

Sven Larsson. Born 1773-05-28 in Torp, Norum (O).

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