Peter Wilhelm Wetterlind.


Born 1829-04-27 in Kalmar stadsförsaamling (H).

Peter Wilhelm Wetterlind. Born 1829-04-27 in Kalmar stadsförsaamling (H).

f Peter Andreas Wetterlind. Born 1804-01-20 in Skt Petri Köpenhamn. Died 1867-03-11 in Kalmar stadsförsamling (H). Segelmakare och kompassmakare.

ff Jonas Emanuel Wetterlind. Born 1778-05-26 in Karlskrona stadsförs (K). Died 1850-09-09 in Kalmar stadsförsamling (H). Segelmakare.

fff Jonas Wetterling. Born about 1740-02-... Died 1778-05-14 in Karlskrona stadsförs (K). Skräddare.


ffm Elsa Catharina Lagström. Born about 1740.


fm Anna Catharina Malmsten. Born 1781-08-29 in Malmö. Died 1829-06-10 in Karlskrona tyska (K).


m Clara Wennerberg. Born 1809-12-23 in Kalmar stadsförsamling (H). Died 1846-04-08 in Kalmar stadsförsamling (H).

mf Jacob Wennerberg. Hovslagarålderman.


Spouse(s) and children

Married 1854-08-10 in Liverpool
Mary Sullivan. Born 1831 in Liverpool.

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