Karin Haffenberg.


Born 1661-..-.. in Marstrand (O).
Died 1706 in Morlanda (O).

Karin Haffenberg. Born 1661-..-.. in Marstrand (O). Died 1706 in Morlanda (O).

f Matts Jonssen Haffenberg. Died 1677-..-.. in Tegneby (O). Kyrkoherde i Tegneby.


m Torbor Henriksdotter Thegner. Born in Tegneby (O).

mf Henrik Jenssen. Born. Pastor.


mm N N Holgersdotter Ronning. Born.


Spouse(s) and children

Married 1681-..-.. in Slätthult, Morlanda (O)
Påvel Jacobsson Nöring. Kyrkoherde.
Born between 1650 and 1660.
Died 1706 in Morlanda (O).

Hans Hindrich Nöring. Kyrkoherde.
Born 1697 in Morlanda (O).
Died 1735-08-04 in Morlanda (O).

Cecilia Påfvelsdotter Nöring. Born 1698 in Morlanda (O).
Died 1763-05-01 in Presttorp, Långelanda (O).

Jacob Nöring. Died 1706-..-...

Paul Nöring. Capitän.

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