Benedicta (Berta) Holzberg.


Born 1684 in Knäred (N).
Died 1753.

Benedicta (Berta) Holzberg. Born 1684 in Knäred (N). Died 1753.


Spouse(s) and children

Married 1703
Nils Kjerrulf. Born 1675.
Died 1758 in Veinge (N).

Anna Lucia Nilsdotter Kjerrulf. Born 1703 in Veinge (N).
Died 1773 in Domkyrkoförs I Gbg (O).

Lars Kjerrulf. Kyrkoherde i Veinge.
Born 1716-08-23 in Veinge (N).
Died 1776-04-20 in Veinge (N).

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