Ingri Maria Bagge.


Born 1728-03-15 in Uddevalla (O).
Died 1793-03-11 in Uddevalla (O).

Ingri Maria Bagge. Born 1728-03-15 in Uddevalla (O). Died 1793-03-11 in Uddevalla (O).

f Fredrick Bagge. Born about 1677. Died 1748-02-24 in Uddevalla (O). Handlande och rådman.

ff Johan Nilsson Bagge. Born 1644 in Marstrand (O). Died 1690 in Marstrand (O). Handlande och rådman.

fff Nils Fredriksson Bagge. Born 1610-06-12 in Marstrand (O). Died 1668-08-15 in Marstrand (O). Handlare och borgmästare i Marstrand.

ffff Fredrik Nilsson Bagge. Born 1580-01-01 in Krokstad (O). Died 1647-02-17 in Marstrand (O). Handlande och borgmästare i Marstrand.

fffm Johanna Persdotter Brems. Born 1585 in Marstrand (O). Died 1658 in Käringön (O).

ffm Malin Burgesdotter. Born 1620 in Marstrand (O). Died 1682-12-17 in Uddevalla (O).


fm Margareta Clausdotter. Died before 1681.

fmf Claus Clausson. Borgare i Uddevalla.

fmff Claus Påfwelsson. Died about 1629. Borgmästare i Uddevalla.

fmfm Lenche (Lennike) . Died after 1636.


m Eva Christina Palmcrona. Born 1704-10-18 in Göteborg. Died 1790-02-11 in Uddevalla (O).


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