Anne Charlotte Adlerberg.


Born 1786-02-20.
Died 1845-12-01 in Stjernarp, Trönninge (N).

Anne Charlotte Adlerberg. Born 1786-02-20. Died 1845-12-01 in Stjernarp, Trönninge (N).


Spouse(s) and children

Married 1812 in Halmstad (N)
Andreas Jöransson Hammar. Kommersråd.
Born 1776-09-15 in Halmstad (N).
Died 1856-05-21 in Halmstad (N).

Birger Gustaf Hammar. Born 1815-02-06 in Halmstad (N).
Died 1846-05-01 in Eldsberga (N).

Catharina Sophia Hammar. Born 1816-06-06 in Halmstad (N).
Died 1833-08-01 in Halmstad (N).

Anders Magnus Hammar. Born 1818-01-19 in Halmstad (N).
Died avled i unga år.

Carl Magnus Hammar. Born 1819-07-25 in Halmstad (N) Stjernarp.
Died 1887-03-06 in Halmstad (N) Stjernarp.

Anders Göransson Hammar. Born 1821-11-25 in Halmstad (N) Stjernarp.
Died 1824-02-22 in Halmstad (N) Stjernarp.

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