Wilhelm Dillberg.


Born 1822-10-18 in Mörarp (M).
Died 1880-10-26 in Halmstad (N).

Wilhelm Dillberg. Born 1822-10-18 in Mörarp (M). Died 1880-10-26 in Halmstad (N). Handlande.

f Johan (Jan) Petter Dillberg. Born 1777-08-13 in Gryt (D). Died 1852-05-06 in Mörarp (M). Ekonomidirektör.

ff Johan Olofsson Dillberg. Born 1749-02-19 in Dillnäs (D). Died 1801-04-29 in Gryt (D).

fff Olof Ersson. Born about 1713 in Dillnäs (D). Died interpreted 1782 (tidigast) in Gryt (D).


ffm Karin Eriksdotter. Born interpreted 1719 (troligen). Died interpreted 1780 (senast) in Dillnäs (D).


fm Maria Persdotter. Born 1754-06-04 in Hyltinge (D). Died 1800-02-19 in Gryt (D).


m Elisabeth Charlotta Schmitt. Born 1789-09-13 in Torrlösa (M). Died 1865-03-02 in Landskrona (M).


Spouse(s) and children

Anna Ulrika Sofia Hammar. Born 1843-08-24 in Halmstad (N).
Died 1925-10-12.

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