Samuel Fredriksson Bagge.


Born 1686-06-05 in Marstrand (O).
Died 1763-12-07 in Marstrand (O).
Buried 1763-12-13 in Marstrand (O).

Samuel Fredriksson Bagge. Born 1686-06-05 in Marstrand (O). Died 1763-12-07 in Marstrand (O). Handelsman.

f Fredrik Nilsson Bagge. Born 1646-12-24 in Marstrand (O). Died 1713-11-08 in Marstrand (O). Prost.

ff Nils Fredriksson Bagge. Born 1610-06-12 in Marstrand (O). Died 1668-08-15 in Marstrand (O). Handlare och borgmästare i Marstrand.

fff Fredrik Nilsson Bagge. Born 1580-01-01 in Krokstad (O). Died 1647-02-17 in Marstrand (O). Handlande och borgmästare i Marstrand.

ffff Nils Bagge. Born 1540 in Krokstad (O). Died 1586-01-07 in Krokstad (O). Kyrkoherde.

fffm Ramiella Andersdotter. Born 1540 in Stenkyrka (O). Died 1636 in Marstrand (O).

ffm Johanna Persdotter Brems. Born 1585 in Marstrand (O). Died 1658 in Käringön (O).


fm Malin Burgesdotter. Born 1620 in Marstrand (O). Died 1682-12-17 in Uddevalla (O).


m Elisabeth Larsdotter Wandelin. Born 1650-12-03 in Marstrand (O). Died 1731-03-08 in Marstrand (O).




Marstrand AI:1 (1715-1778) Bild 10 / sid 11 (AID: v1761.b10.s11, NAD: SE/GLA/13363)

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