José Fredrik Pablo Sanabria.


Born 1961-04-08 in Lidingö (AB).

José Fredrik Pablo Sanabria. Born 1961-04-08 in Lidingö (AB).

f Sanabria.


m Ylfva Margareta Alenius Sanabria. Born 1938-05-18 in Engelbrekt (AB).

mf Hans Ingvar Alenius. Born 1907-02-25 in Hedvig Eleonora (AB). Died 1998-06-26 in Lidingö (AB).


mm Gun Elisabeth Markman. Born 1910-05-15 in Engelbrekt (AB). Died 2003-10-13 in Lidingö (AB). Hemmafru.

mmf Johan August Markman. Born 1878-03-17 in Malmö Sankt Petri. Died 1946-05-17 in Oscar (AB). Civilingenjör.

mmff Adolf Fredrik Markman. Born 1832-12-06 in Norrtälje (AB). Died 1883-12-21 in Malmö Sankt Petri. Lektor.

mmfm Anna Sofia Charlotta Wetterlind. Born 1835-02-26 in Huset No 495, Malmö Sankt Petri. Died 1880-02-23 in Malmö Sankt Petri.

mmm Evelyn Louise Wejdling. Born 1879-02-24 in Adolf Fredrik (AB). Died 1959-12-26 in Oscar (AB). Skolkökslärarinna.


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