Anna Magdalena Hausknecht.


Born 1781-04-09 in Laholm (N).

Anna Magdalena Hausknecht. Born 1781-04-09 in Laholm (N).

f Johan Emanuel Hausknecht. Born 1751. Died 1799-06-23 in Laholm (N). Stadsfältskär.


m Anna Beata Falck. Born 1748. Died 1792-09-04 in Laholm (N).


Spouse(s) and children

Married 1803-09-16 in Laholm (N)
Paul Frans Drantz. vice Pastor.
Born 1777-01-06 in Varberg (N).
Died 1828-07-16 in Okome (N).

Beata Christina Drantz. Born 1804-03-31 in Laholm (N).

Eva Drantz. Born 1810-08-08 in Magård, Okome (N).

Johana Catharina Drantz. Born 1818-11-16 in Magård, Okome (N).

Anna Helena Drantz. Born 1821-08-30 in Magård, Okome (N).

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