Herman Hasselblad.


Born 1859-05-30 in Domkyrkoförs I Gbg (O).

Herman Hasselblad. Born 1859-05-30 in Domkyrkoförs I Gbg (O).

f Nils Herman Lorents Hasselblad Hasselblad. Born 1829-10-15 in Magra (P). Died 1899-05-09 in Domkyrkoförs I Gbg (O). Handlanden.

ff H Hasselblad. Born. Patron.


fm Inga Cathrina Zetterberg. Born 1803-01-19.


m Ida Josefina Lidberg. Born 1829-06-11. Died 1860-11-21 in Domkyrkoförs I Gbg (O).


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