Johan Petter Appelgren.


Born 1817-12-05 in Svedala (M).
Died 1883-04-01 in Röke (L).

Johan Petter Appelgren. Born 1817-12-05 in Svedala (M). Died 1883-04-01 in Röke (L). Kyrkoherde.



Spouse(s) and children

Married 1859 in Stehag (M)
Augusta Matilda Josefina Wetterlind. Born 1836-10-08 in Huset No 495, Malmö Sankt Petri.
Died 1876-01-13 in Lunds domkyrkoförs (M).

Anna Fredrika Nathalia Appelgren. Born 1860-08-21 in Örkelljunga (L).

Hilda Mathilda Maria Appelgren. Born 1862-03-20 in Örkelljunga (L).
Died 1938-04-27 in Duluth, Minnesota.

Fredrik Hugo Christian Appelgren. Born 1864-03-28 in Örkelljunga (L).

Carl Henrik Ferdinand Appelgren. Born 1867-04-02 in Borlunda (M).

Nils Emil Adolf Appelgren. Born 1869-10-17 in Borlunda (M).
Died 1920-01-08 in Skara domkyrkoförs (R).

Dagmar Charlotta Sofia Appelgren. Born 1871-11-29 in Borlunda (M).

Johan Otto Waldemar Appelgren. Born 1875-05-08 in Lunds domkyrkoförs (M).
Baptized 1876-05-28 in Borlunda (M).

Married 1878-05-01
Johanna Charlotta Andersson. Born 1828-04-15 in Hästveda (L).

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