Helena Henriksson.


Born 1871-04-21 in Virke (M).
Died 1943-07-08 in Höör (M).

Helena Henriksson. Born 1871-04-21 in Virke (M). Died 1943-07-08 in Höör (M).

f Jöns Henriksson. Born 1821-01-29 in Stora Harrie (M). Died 1892-02-15 in Virke (M). Lärare.


m Nilla Jönsdotter. Born 1834-09-03 in Reslöv (M). Died 1925-02-10 in Höör (M).


Spouse(s) and children

Married 1895-08-18
Johannes Andrén. Folkskollärare.
Born 1868-09-13 in Ask (M).
Died 1942-09-05 in Höör (M).

Alma Viktoria Andrén. Born 1896-06-03 in Bosjökloster (M).
Died 1978-05-24 in Hörby (M).

Karl Henrik Andrén. Born 1897-08-27 in Bosjökloster (M).
Died 1976 in USA.

Axel Julius Andrén. Lärare.
Born 1898-11-03 in Bosjökloster, Malmöhus län.
Died 1974-11-11 in Limhamn, Malmö.

Oskar Fredrik Andrén. Born 1900-07-27 in Bosjökloster (M).
Died 1975-06-19 in Raus (M).

Ellen Dorothea Andrén. Folkskollärare.
Born 1902-01-28 in Höör (M).
Died 1987-06-23 in Landskrona (M).

Klara Ingeborg Andrén. Born 1903-06-03 in Höör (M).
Died 1973-03-26 in Spånga kbfd (AB).

Torsten Gunnar Andrén. Born 1907-11-04 in Höör (M).
Died 1972-01-09 in Helsingborgs Maria (M).

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