Claes Göran Peter Persson.


Born 1965-04-09 in Vitaby (L).

Claes Göran Peter Persson. Born 1965-04-09 in Vitaby (L).

f Kjell-Åke Persson. Born 1934-02-06 in Brösarp (L). Died 2012-02-26.

ff Fritz Albert Persson. Born 1898-04-25 in Sankt Olof (L). Died 1979-09-24 in Ravlunda (L).


ffm Matilda Lovisa Nilsson. Born 1877-05-27 in Sankt Olof (L). Died 1953-09-23 in Brösarp (L). Piga.

ffmf Nils Hansson. Born 1835-09-23 in Vitaby (L). Died 1917-05-18 in Holma, Sankt Olof (L). Skräddare.

ffmm Maria Hansdotter Palm. Born 1841-12-26 in Sankt Olof (L). Died 1900-03-30 in Holma, Sankt Olof (L).

fm Anna Elvira Hildegard Andersson. Born 1902-02-07 in Svinaberga no 16, Södra Mellby (L). Died 1944-11-26 in Ravlunda (L).

fmf Anders Larsson. Born 1859-01-18 in No 18 Grevlunda, Vitaby (L). Died 1910-07-21 in Andrarum (L). Gårdsdräng.

fmff Lars Axelsson. Born 1802-02-03 in Brösarp (L). Died 1865-05-17 in No 18 Grevlunda, Vitaby (L). Torpare.

fmfm Johanna Cecilia Westerdal. Born 1812-05-28 in Vitemölla, Vitaby (L). Died 1876-12-15 in No 18 Grevlunda, Vitaby (L).

fmm Hanna Olsson. Born 1874-03-17 in Sankt Olof (L). Died 1948-04-22 in Christinehof, Andrarum (L).


fmmm Elna Larsson. Born 1852-12-07 in Sankt Olof (L). Died 1921-07-04 in No 30 Grevlunda, Vitaby (L). Piga.

m Astrid Tyra Elisabeth Andersson. Born 1938-10-19 in Simrishamn (L).


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