Gustaf Alfred Palm.


Born 1876-10-02 in Sankt Olof (L).

Gustaf Alfred Palm. Born 1876-10-02 in Sankt Olof (L).


m Maria Hansdotter Palm. Born 1841-12-26 in Sankt Olof (L). Died 1900-03-30 in Holma, Sankt Olof (L).

mf Hans Håkansson Palm. Born 1804-10-29 in Palmhult, Sankt Olof (L). Died 1873-07-23 in Palmhult, Sankt Olof (L). Korpral.

mff Håkan Håkansson Palm. Born 1756-02-10 in Smedstorp (L). Died 1831-05-13 in Palmhult, Sankt Olof (L).


mfm Elsa Månsdotter. Born 1766-07-28 in Smedstorp (L). Died 1838-05-19 in Palmhult, Sankt Olof (L).


mm Lovisa Holmqvist. Born 1812-04-02 in Granhult under Kronovall, Sankt Olof (L). Died 1871-02-22 in Palmhult, Sankt Olof (L).

mmf Jöns Holmqvist. Born 1783-06-11. Krögare.


mmm Catarina Sophia Holmqvist. Born 1783-08-27. Died 1852-10-19 in Palmhult, Sankt Olof (L).


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