Hans Håkansson Palm.


Born 1804-10-29 in Palmhult, Sankt Olof (L).
Died 1873-07-23 in Palmhult, Sankt Olof (L).

Hans Håkansson Palm. Born 1804-10-29 in Palmhult, Sankt Olof (L). Died 1873-07-23 in Palmhult, Sankt Olof (L). Korpral.

f Håkan Håkansson Palm. Born 1756-02-10 in Smedstorp (L). Died 1831-05-13 in Palmhult, Sankt Olof (L).


m Elsa Månsdotter. Born 1766-07-28 in Smedstorp (L). Died 1838-05-19 in Palmhult, Sankt Olof (L).




Sankt Olof AI:7 (1845-1854) Bild 100 / sid 11 (AID: v101045a.b100.s11, NAD: SE/LLA/13328)

Sankt Olof AI:8 (1854-1861) Bild 9 / sid 7 (AID: v101046.b9.s7, NAD: SE/LLA/13328)

Sankt Olof AI:9 (1861-1867) Bild 28 / sid 28 (AID: v101047.b28.s28, NAD: SE/LLA/13328)

Sankt Olof AI:10 (1867-1876) Bild 24 / sid 27 (AID: v101048.b24.s27, NAD: SE/LLA/13328)

Spouse(s) and children

Lovisa Holmqvist. Born 1812-04-02 in Granhult under Kronovall, Sankt Olof (L).
Died 1871-02-22 in Palmhult, Sankt Olof (L).

Jöns Hansson Palm. Born 1830-08-25 in Sankt Olof (L).
Died 1902-05-14 in Perstorp, Sankt Olof (L).

Anna Hansdotter Palm. Born 1832-09-08 in Sankt Olof (L).
Died 1894-04-03 in Raskarum no 7, Sankt Olof (L).

Håkan Hansson Palm. Born 1835-05-28 in Sankt Olof (L).
Died 1884-09-04 in Snogge, Smedstorp (L).

Nils Hansson Palm. Born 1837-03-24 in Sankt Olof (L).
Died 1907-05-31 in Lerbergstorp, Sankt Olof (L).

Magnus Hansson Palm. Born 1839-03-16 in Palmhult, Sankt Olof (L).
Died 1858-07-11 in Palmhult, Sankt Olof (L).

Maria Hansdotter Palm. Born 1841-12-26 in Sankt Olof (L).
Died 1900-03-30 in Holma, Sankt Olof (L).

Mårten Rosenqvist. Born 1844-08-21 in Sankt Olof (L).
Died 1935-03-14 in Tunby, Smedstorp (L).

Johanna Hansdotter Palm. Born 1847-03-26 in Sankt Olof (L).
Died 1889-02-03 in Rönnebröd, Sankt Olof (L).

Johannes Hansson Palm. Born 1849-11-20 in Sankt Olof (L).
Died 1852-06-07 in Sankt Olof (L).

Christina Hansdotter Palm. Born 1852-09-09 in Sankt Olof (L).
Died 1924-07-14 in Grevlunda no 23, Vitaby (L).

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