Augusta Fredrika Kollberg.


Born 1847 in Halmstad (N).
Died 1893-05-11.

Augusta Fredrika Kollberg. Born 1847 in Halmstad (N). Died 1893-05-11.

f Carl Magnus Kollberg. Born 1809-09-27 in Halmstad (N). Died 1873-03-03 in Halmstad (N). Handlande.

ff Olaus Kollberg. Born 1772-03-05 in Halmstad (N). Died 1829-04-13 in Halmstad (N). Handelsman.


fm Anna Barbara Wessberg. Born 1783-11-06 in Halmstad (N). Died 1855-08-04 in Halmstad (N).

fmf Carl Thomas Wessberg. Born 1746-10-21 in Halmstad (N). Died 1815-10-12 in Halmstad (N). Sämskmakare.

fmff Påhl Wessberg. Born 1706 ca (I dödboken angavs åldern 72 år). Died 1778-11-22 in Halmstad (N). Sämskmakare.

fmfm Barbara Trulsdotter Siöström. Born 1710. Died 1803-10-21.

fmm Anna Sophia Berg. Born 1750-06-10 in Halmstad (N).


m Christina Lovisa Dahl. Born 1804-11-17. Died 1884-07-10 in Halmstad (N).

mf Malte Dahl. Born 1774-08-16. Lagman.


mm Sophia Magdalena Gerle. Born 1782-01-06. Died 1855-12-21 in Halmstad (N).


Spouse(s) and children

Married 1875
Lars Emil Mellquist. Stadsfiskal i Göteborg.
Born 1840-04-09.
Died 1918-10-26.

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