Frederica Wilhelmina Sundblad.


Born 1776-09-02 in Eskilstuna (D).
Baptized 1776-09-02 in Eskilstuna (D).

Frederica Wilhelmina Sundblad. Born 1776-09-02 in Eskilstuna (D).

f Peter Sundblad. Born 1739. Died 1798-05-29 in Eskilstuna (D). Handelsman.


m Anna Catharina Carsberg. Born 1745.

mf Lars Carsberg. Born. Borgare.

mff Lars Carsberg. Born. Died före 1740. Borgare i Borgo.


mfm Anna Dillering. Born. Died före 1740.


mm Christina Hagman. Born 1715. Died 1804-04-27 in Eskilstuna (D).

mmf Petter Hagman. Born. Borgare.


mmm Catharina Gast. Born.


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