Brita Magdalena Hansdotter.


Born 1823-12-11 in Ytterlännäs (Y).
Died 1896-10-25 in Näs, Ytterlännäs (Y).

Brita Magdalena Hansdotter. Born 1823-12-11 in Ytterlännäs (Y). Died 1896-10-25 in Näs, Ytterlännäs (Y).

f Hans Flodström. Born 1800-01-08 in Näs, Ytterlännäs (Y). Died 1833-03-06 in Näs, Ytterlännäs (Y). Bonde.

ff Olof Hansson Flodström. Born 1768-10-22 in Hammar, Ytterlännäs (Y). Died 1809-06-24 in Näs, Ytterlännäs (Y).


fm Brita Olufsdotter. Born 1775-07-31 in Näs, Ytterlännäs (Y). Died 1809-01-14 in Näs, Ytterlännäs (Y).


m Magdalena Jönsdotter. Born 1791-10-14 in Hammar, Torsåker (Y). Died 1874-11-17 in Näs, Ytterlännäs (Y).

mf Johan Nilsson. Born 1761-12-04 in Hammar, Torsåker (Y). Died 1809-04-30 in Hammar, Torsåker (Y).

mff Nils Jansson. Born 1729-09-21 in Hammar, Torsåker (Y). Died 1764 in Hammar, Torsåker (Y).

mfff Johan Nilsson. Born.


mfm Magdalena Nilsdotter. Born 1730 in Hällsjö, Dal (Y).


mm Catharina Hansdotter. Born 1762.


Spouse(s) and children

Married 1848
Erik Abraham Ericsson Törnsten. Torpare.
Born 1822-12-11 in Klen, Torsåker (Y).
Died 1897-03-24 in Näs, Ytterlännäs (Y).

Johannes Törnsten. Handlare.
Born 1862-08-17 in Ytterlännäs (Y).
Died 1923-08-17 in Härnösands domkyrkoförs (Y).

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