Anna Cajsa Graf.


Born 1778-04-06.

Anna Cajsa Graf. Born 1778-04-06.


Spouse(s) and children

Married 1799-12-29 in Borås
Jacob Rogh. Gästgivare i Laholm och Halmstad.
Born 1772-07-26 in Laholm (N).
Died 1812-03-02 in Halmstad (N).

Johanna Maria Rogh. Born 1802-02-12 in Laholm (N).

Anna Betti Rogh. Born 1803-05-11 in Laholm (N).

Engela Christina Rogh. Born 1804-07-01 in Laholm (N).

Britta Elisabeth Rogh. Born 1805-12-07 in Laholm (N).

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