Karl Andersson.


Born 1848-10-12 in Bräknabacken, Undenäs (R).

Karl Andersson. Born 1848-10-12 in Bräknabacken, Undenäs (R).

f Anders Jansson. Born 1811-03-14 in Löfbofallet, Undenäs (R). Died 1893-02-24 in Undenäs (R).

ff Jan Carlsson. Born 1764-11-07 in Kvarntorp, Undenäs (R).

fff Carl . Born.


ffm Sigrid . Born.


fm Britta Månsdotter. Born 1769-05-09 in Selsendi, Undenäs (R).

fmf Måns . Born.


fmm Maja . Born.


m Stina Håkansdotter. Born 1822-07-26 in Öfverby, Undenäs (R). Died 1911-12-02 in Undenäs (R).

mf Håkan Pehrsson. Born 1782-04-23 in Skottatorp, Undenäs (R).

mff Peter Håkansson. Born 1722. Died 1799-07-28 in Näs, Undenäs (R).

mfff Håkan . Born.

mffm Cherstin . Born.

mfm Maja Jönsdotter. Born 1745-10-20 in Lunnerud, Undenäs (R). Died 1809 in Skottatorp, Undenäs (R).

mfmf Jonas . Born.

mfmm Catrina . Born.

mm Maria Andersdotter. Born 1786 in Selsendi, Undenäs (R).


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