Nils Algot Georg Nilsson Narsell.


Born 1910-11-01 in Kävlinge (M).
Died 1983-02-24 in Kulladal (M).

Nils Algot Georg Nilsson Narsell. Born 1910-11-01 in Kävlinge (M). Died 1983-02-24 in Kulladal (M). Målare.

f Per Nilsson. Born 1883-11-14 in Trollenäs (M). Died 1956-07-08 in Lackalänga (M). Jordbruksarbetare.

ff Nils Nilsson. Born 1849-09-20 in Trollenäs (M). Died 1931-05-22 in Trollenäs (M).


fm Karna Svensdotter. Born 1855-04-05 in Trollenäs (M). Died 1917-07-31 in Trollenäs (M).


m Gerda Persson. Born 1891-03-16 in Örtofta (M). Died 1966-04-05 in Lackalänga (M).

mf Per Nilsson. Born 1859-03-23 in Örtofta (M). Died 1891-08-08 in Örtofta (M).


mm Elise Persdotter. Born 1859-02-26 in Örtofta (M).


Spouse(s) and children

Married in Malmö
Betty Paulina Rosberg. Born 1911-10-31 in Fosie (M).
Baptized 1911-11-26 in Fosie (M).
Died 1973-03-06 in Kulladal (M).

Per Bertil Georg Narsell. Born 1941-04-23 in Malmö Sankt Johannes (M).

Georg Lars Eric Johan Narsell. Born 1943-07-06 in Malmö Sankt Johannes (M).

Bengt Georg Narsell. Born 1945-08-06 in Malmö Sankt Johannes (M).

Bo Georg Narsell. Born 1949-09-12 in Malmö Sankt Johannes (M).

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