Hanna Jonasdotter.


Born 1777-02-07.

Hanna Jonasdotter. Born 1777-02-07.


Spouse(s) and children

Jacob Andersson Berg. Carabinier.
Born 1775-04-29 in Wismarlöf, Hyby (M).

Karna Jacobsdotter. Born 1801-01-21 in Wismarlöf, Hyby (M).
Died 1866-04-14 in No 14 Vinninge, Hyby (M).

Boel Jacobsdotter. Born 1804-03-10 in Wismarlöf, Hyby (M).

Hans Jacobsson. Born 1807-12-28 in Wismarlöf, Hyby (M).

Hanna Jacobsdotter. Born 1810-12-24 in Wismarlöf, Hyby (M).

Anders Jacobsson. Born 1813-09-27 in Wismarlöf, Hyby (M).

Sisela Jacobsdotter. Born 1818-02-14 in Wismarlöf, Hyby (M).

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